• All students can achieve academic success. We believe all students can achieve at high levels. We have two teachers in each classroom and have 30 minutes of tutoring and enrichment every day.


  • Strategic Focus on Selective Schools. All students will leave Laurel Oaks prepared to succeed in the high school of their choice. We ensure all students are equipped and prepared to attend Baton Rouge’s selective and rigorous high schools (magnet and private) or enroll in the Honors and Advanced Placement track at local comprehensive high schools.


  • Rigorous and Challenging Academic Framework. Achievement in literacy and mathematics are the strongest predictors of a foundation for success in high school and college. Laurel Oaks students have 180 minutes of reading and writing instruction and 90 minutes of math instruction each day.


  • Structured and Supportive School Culture. Students are held to high behavioral expectations. Parents are notified each day of how well their child is doing both academically and behaviorally.


  • Creating College Character. Students create strong bonds with their teachers in elementary school and with their advisors in middle school. Students learn to celebrate each other and learn the values of teamwork through community meetings where students celebrate with chants and shout-outs to team members who are helping them succeed on their pathway to college.